Dream Car

Dream Car 5 years, that’s it.  That’s all-the-longer I need my car to last… only 5 years.  Then I can trade it in for the car of my dreams.  It’s not that I don’t like my current car, or that I get teased incessantly for driving an easter egg colored box, or a 4 cylinder […]


This was the summer of the ants for the Montgomery family.  Their tactical invasion of our kitchen put my wife on the warpath.  Carol changed.  What was sweet and caring became brutally protective.  No approach was too cruel or too unusual.  She made no effort to conceal her murderous ant-tics.   Ant traps emerged.  Ant […]

Balloons To Bull

I’ve seen some drastic changes in industries over my lifetime.  Blockbuster “done-busted” and no longer can be found on any block.  Considering competitive forces, I get that.  The music industry will never be the same.  Considering the digital age, I get that.  The coal industry has been hit hard.  Considering recent governmental regulation, I get […]

Standing Before The Reaper

I read my news.  It’s the only way that I have time to filter through all that’s reported and find articles worth reading.  I’ve saved one such article since July 11th, 2014 and can hold onto it no longer.    In Georgetown, Texas, a burglar broke into a home through a first-story window and had […]


Hatch-a-Plan It’s recently occurred to me that actions my wife call, “just being stupid,” are often times reflections of things I’ve done in my own life.  In others words somebody will do something and my wife will say, “Well that’s just stupid,” and inside of my head I respond with, “I’m glad you didn’t know […]

Intimate Invasion

Intimate Invasion I’ve seen traffic jams.  Try riding on a full-size bus in the heart of Guatemala city during rush hour.  It’s lawlessness.  The rules of the streets deteriorate into “the angriest driver wins.”  Road rage is not just an American tradition, after all.  However, it’s gets a whole lot funnier when the person swearing […]

What’s His Angle?

What’s His Angle? On my very first day as pastor at Lindsey Trinity, a couple treated me to a sandwich at Sandi’s Village Cafe, right here in ‘downtown’ Lindsey.  After ordering, I sat down and was having a wonderful conversation.  Then something strange happened immediately after I received my sandwich.  I was entranced.   I […]


Plagiar-isn’t My oldest daughter recently started writing an informational essay about George Washington as a fifth grade class project.  She takes her studies very seriously, so she diligently researched and then pieced together the information she thought was relevant.  Proudly, she said, “Dad, come look at my essay!” and turned the computer screen toward me. […]

More the Merrier

More the Merrier New Year’s resolutions couldn’t happen at a more appropriate time.  It should be no surprise that the #1 New Year’s resolution that Americans set each year is to lose weight and get into shape.  Why is this timing so appropriate?  That’s easy.  It’s because we just spent a little over a month […]


Interesting My family went to an outdoor Christian rock concert a summer ago.  We found a nice little patch of grass to set our belongings on and were sitting down waiting for one of our favorite bands to play.  That’s when I found myself “inspired” to offer this advice to my girls, “When you look […]