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Fit to Fight, Lindsey

“The best way to stop victimization is to train people to never become victims in the first place.”

Fit to Fight, Lindsey, started with a simple idea, “How do we honor God by training people to become competent fighters in an environment that’s fun, positive, and exciting?” That question blossomed into a program that’s designed to help people of all ages to do just that.

Fit to Fight is a beginner-to-intermediate kickboxing club. We have 4 coaches, trained in American-style boxing and Muay Thai, all of whom are volunteering their time.

Not everyone wants to fight in the UFC. Not everyone wants to compete. Some people would like to be competent fighters while others just want to get into shape. Whatever your goal, our coaches want to help get you there.

The best part about the program is this: It’s free… really.

Just dress to work out, bring a jump rope and gloves if you have them (if not, that’s not a big deal.) and we will see you then!

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions. Contact Travis Montgomery at


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