Forming or becoming a part of a dodgeball team for our tournament is simple.  You have three options.

1)  Become a Team Captain and form your own team.

2)  Find a Team Captain and join a team.

3)  Come to the event as an individual and be assigned to a team.

If you would like to be a Team Captain, simply print off a Dodgeball Team Registration Form (Below) recruit the necessary players, fill out the form and bring it to the event between 1:00p and 1:30pm on January the 11th.  

If you would like to be a part of a team, but do not want to be a Team Captain, ask around to see if someone you know if forming a team. If you find a team captain, ask him/her to add your name to their Dodgeball Team Registration Form as a team member. If not, contact Travis Montgomery at to see if a team is looking for additional players.  

If neither of the above options suit you, you can come to the event the day-of and be assigned to a team that needs additional players or be assigned to whole new team formed specifically for individuals needing a team. Either way, you will get to play!