There’s no shortage of people willing to share their opinions.  Facebook and Twitter, Newspapers and Blogs, Television and Radio are all outlets designed to help people share ideas with others.  Like soldiers in foxholes, we curl up just below ground-level waiting for the next mortar-like opinion to fall.  Then our pastoral team decided to offer a blog… Boom!

However, our team wanted to make this blog different.  Here’s how we did it: Instead of writing on a topic of our choosing, we took a challenge… to write as individuals about a subject of the Team’s choosing.  We titled the challenge “Things I would not have shared if you hadn’t asked.”  That should make things interesting!

The blog also consists of past Newsletter Articles, so we’ve labeled each appropriately.  Enjoy!

-Pastor Travis

Perfect Comfy

I love this time of year. Sure, I lament the loss of the summer, but when autumn rolls around there’s so much to enjoy! Fall leaves are beautiful. Pots of hot water start whistling on stovetops as if to announce that the family will soon be gathering around the table for time together and hot […]

No Coop

My brother and I have reached a point in our lives where we’ve realized that we’re not quite as athletic as we were.  That doesn’t mean that we’re willing to accept it.  Heck, no… without a fight?  Not us.  That would just be an indication that we’re too tired to fight and we’re not willing […]

Get on the Bus

It’s always interesting speaking with parents during this time of the year.  They’re so conflicted!  School is starting back up again and the kids will be spending less time at home, which leaves most parents torn.  On one hand, they’ll miss their kids terribly.  How many parents cry in the car on the way home […]

“I’ve Got This!”

What is it about the human spirit that wants to “go it alone?”  There’s a certain quality to being able to do something without anyone else’s help.  It’s self-reliant.  It’s strength and power!  How much greater is one warrior vs. an army when the warrior is last one standing?  There’s a unique feeling that accompanies […]

Nitro Churchus

My brother and I grew up racing motocross.  My father raced motocross.  His father rode dirt bikes in the mountains of West Virginia.  I’m convinced that I was genetically predisposed to the draw of motorcycles.  It’s “in the blood” as they say.  As family, my brother certainly hasn’t escaped the “bite” and every Spring he […]