Like a Good Neighbor

Like a Good Neighbor

Understanding insurance coverage is a lot like trying to understand in-laws.  They both don’t
hesitate to tell you “how it is”, but in the end you’re still confused.

Many churches under the care of UMC Team 1 (my team of pastors) have been reviewing their
insurance coverages recently.  New riders need to be added, some of the old valuations don’t
apply and premiums have changed.  Whole committees are then subjected to reading legal
verbiage concerning what is and is not covered in their policies.

Even after the comparison is over and coverage is chosen, there’s still that nagging feeling that something is missed.  The hope is that if something catastrophic happened, then the insurance carrier would be there to help.  The concern is that whatever caused the damage may not fall
under coverage.

One day I was watching a televised discussion between two men when Christianity became the subject at hand.  One man, a self-proclaimed atheist, said to the other, “I can’t believe that you would buy into all that [Christian] junk.”  The Christian defended himself with, “I’m making sure to cover my bets.”

Ugh.  This man’s faith was challenged he diminished Jesus down to an insurance policy?  You can hear the jingle, “Like a good neighbor… Jesus is there!”  He believed just enough to play the
probability and hope that the “coverage” was enough.

Clearly, mortality is a worthy opponent needing addressed.  The fear and anxiety surrounding death and eternity cause us to search for answers.  Both my heart and mind lead me to conclude that Jesus is the answer, but he’s so much more than eternal insurance.

His debates with Pharisees illustrate a genius unparalleled.  His love is sacrificial.  His commitment is unmatched.  He faced certain torture with a courage that would make soldiers proud.  He stands with strength in the gap between man and God and He has forever changed the course of human history.

He’s more than an insurance policy.  He’s the kind of person we desire to be.

As we work through the Lent season this year and prepare ourselves to celebrate Jesus’ defeat of death on our behalf, let’s also celebrate the character that lead him to the cross.

Pastor Travis


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