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I was in a band before.  I understand that accidents happen.  Straps break and guitars go flying.  Fuses blow and people fall off stage.  The unexpected often adds to the fun!  Even though no one really assumes these things will happen, if a person plays on stage long enough its reasonable to see how something like this is probable over time.  

What happened to Eric Sarno in Cleveland… not probable.  He swallowed a microphone whole.  

Part of the musician’s act included pretending like he was going to “eat the mic.”  This night the world of pretend collided with the world of the real when a fan accidentally bumped into Eric’s back while attempting to stage-dive.  In went the mic, cable still connected, like the mixing board just went fishing and caught a trash-metal singer.  

After significant effort, the microphone was finally removed from Sarno’s mouth.  Believe it or not, every band that followed refused to use the mic that had been partially digested.  Ugh!  Making matters worse, it was the only microphone available.  The promoters were mad because this “rookie mistake” cost them their entertainment for the rest of the night, plus they had to throw out the microphone.  The band was mad because they had to pay for the damages.  The audience was mad because no other bands could play.  Pretty much, everyone was mad.  

Eric on the other hand… well, he went home after receiving medical attention and while recovering, bragged on social media about being the first guy to, “finally make this happen.”  

There’s something to be said for hitting goals. 

I’ve found that I rarely accidentally hit my life goals.  If I kind of set goals then I kind of never hit them.  When you’re preparing for 2018, I want to challenge you to set a least one faith-based goal.  Ask the Spirit what He wants you to do.  Dwell on that and prayerfully consider what it would take to meet that goal.  

Pray at lunch while at work each day.  Take your spouse out to eat once regularly for a date night to enrich your marriage.  Read a daily devotional in the morning.  Whatever it is, just set one goal to enhance your faith.  Ask God and He will guide you.  

Who knows, maybe the Holy Spirit will give you the little “bump in the back” you need to do what has never been done before.  I’ll guarantee you that whatever you accomplish in Jesus’ name, will be far more glorious than eating a microphone whole.

Pastor Travis Montgomery  


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