Mystery Gift

I’m convinced.  Cracker Jack snacks are the original McDonalds… and we love them for it.  Even as a child, I knew that they were up to something.  They took what could have been a wholesome snack, covered it in sugar, put a prize in the box and we responded with, “May I have another?”  
The most amazing part of the Cracker Jack story has to be the “free prize.”  First, the whole snack weighed only 1 ounce.  I guess that rules out a free puppy.  Next, the prize was usually smashed between two pieces of paper and was about as thick as a piece of cardboard.  A free scooter maybe?  Finally, I can remember getting near to the very end of the box and thinking, “There’s no prize in here.”  Only to find it under the last kernel.  A fire engine!?
Nope.  What did we win?  We won a 1/2” plastic maze, a roll-the-ball-to-the-hole game, and most notably the temporary tattoo, half of which lasted at least a day even with mom’s help.  
But we kept coming back…  Again and again. Who put the “Crack” in “Cracker Jack?”  
There is something built into the human spirit that seeks out new and exciting things.  The scientist looking for the cure to cancer, the rock climber looking for the new route up the cliff and the reader looking for the unexpected plot twist in a story line are all evidences of that.  I can’t think of a single discipline that lacks a “cutting edge” space where more is to be explored, discovered and achieved.  The prizes at the end of those disciplines are always worth the effort in getting there.  However, once achieved, reached, or understood, a new goal is set because the human spirit is always looking to the next prize, discovering further truth.  
I couldn’t imagine what life would be like in the absence of mystery.  As Christians, we break open the Bible, listen to the Spirit, and pray seeking out God’s mysteries.  When we discover a new faucet of who He is it’s always worth the effort.  
Some may say, “But God is unfathomable to the human mind.  He’s too big for us to fully understand, especially while we’re here on earth.”  I agree and I love that it’s that way.  I believe that a part of the beauty of our relationship with God is that in ways we have caught Him, but are still chasing Him.  Our minds understand Him to a certain degree, but we are still comprehending.  God’s Spirit has revealed Him to us, but parts of Him still remain a mystery.  
It’s exciting.  It’s wonderful.  It’s awe inspiring and that’s exactly how God made it.  
Chase God.  Chase the mystery.  Deepen your love and increase your wonder.  

Pastor Travis Montgomery 


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