Message From Our Pastor

Greetings and welcome to the Lindsey Trinity site!

We’ve designed this site in an attempt to do two impossible things. First, we want to make you feel completely welcome to come and visit us in person. The list of concerns that visitors have before walking through the church doors for the first time is incredibly long.

“What do I wear? What if I sit in another person’s favorite seat? What if my kids act up? When do I stand? When do I sit? Why am I standing!? What if they ask for money? Do they want me to volunteer? What if the preacher is boring!?”

We get it. We’ve been there. Please make sure to check out our “Visitors” tab to get some answers for these questions. We try very hard to be authentic and to bring excellence to all that we do at Lindsey Trinity. However, grace comes before all of that! In other words, when kids act up, we thank God that they’re here. When someone sings off key, we thank God that they’re singing. When a cell phone accidentally goes off during church, we pray that it’s not ours (and expect grace when it is!)

Above all else this is the message we want to convey: We want you here and feeling welcome! We have felt God move in our hearts on Sunday morning and we want you to share in that.

Secondly, we wanted to capture the all the activities of our church and share them with the world. Whether it’s missions and we’re getting clean water to remote areas of the planet, or we’re building homes for people in Appalachia, or we’re helping a neighbor in need, we want that light to shine. When our Vacation Bible School program transforms the entire church into a youthful wilderness, or a small group starts a new book, or our men’s group is filling the fellowship hall with the smell of breakfast and the joy of camaraderie, we want to share it!

Despite our best efforts, it’s impossible to capture all that happens here. My hope is that through this site you’re able to catch a small glimpse of all it all.

Thank you for visiting our site. May it bless your life in some way and we look forward to seeing you in worship.

Pastor Travis

Pastor Travis is married to Carol Montgomery and together they have 4 beautiful daughters, Brianna, Abigail, McKenzie and Eowyn. Pastor Travis has served as a Youth Leader, a Praise Team Leader, a Lay Speaker, The Social Director for a men’s Christian service fraternity and also as the lead vocalist for the band “Pawn.” His passions include spending time with his family, competitive target shooting, motorcycle riding and exercise.


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