Why A Team Of Pastors?

Lindsey Trinity is served by a team of Pastors known as UMC Team One. This is a unique team concept. Here’s how the team works:

First, UMC Team One has 12 churches that it serves and each church has a principal pastor. Lindsey Trinity’s Pastor is Travis Montgomery. The principal pastor is the primary pastor for everything at his or her church including: Weddings, Administration, Visitation, Event Planning, Counseling, etc. The principal pastor is also the team member who will be spending the most time preaching at his/her church.

However, when it comes to Sunday morning worship services, anyone from the team could be preaching, teaching and leading at any of the 12 church locations. This is an amazingly efficient and productive team model for the following reasons:

1. Sermons are reviewed and critiqued by the other members of the team. Team members call this process “the bleeding.” (It’s that much fun.) This is a level of accountability that few church systems have.

2. Each church benefits from the other church’s blessings. Professional-grade sand volleyball courts? Yeah, we’ve got them. Professional-grade PA systems? Yeah, we’ve got those too! Running programs, dodgeball programs, joint Core-Group programs, Block Parties, Christ the King events and service opportunities can all be shared and developed at a fraction of the cost and with a fraction of the manpower because of the team model.

3. Individual skill sets shared across the team help to develop programs to their full potential.

4. Finally, the team serves as a support structure for the pastors in it.

Come and get the full experience of UMC Team One.


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