There’s no shortage of people willing to share their opinions.  Facebook and Twitter, Newspapers and Blogs, Television and Radio are all outlets designed to help people share ideas with others.  Like soldiers in foxholes, we curl up just below ground-level waiting for the next mortar-like opinion to fall.  Then our pastoral team decided to offer a blog… Boom!

However, our team wanted to make this blog different.  Here’s how we did it: Instead of writing on a topic of our choosing, we took a challenge… to write as individuals about a subject of the Team’s choosing.  We titled the challenge “Things I would not have shared if you hadn’t asked.”  That should make things interesting!

The blog also consists of past Newsletter Articles, so we’ve labeled each appropriately.  Enjoy!

-Pastor Travis

Dial in Eternity

I’m a creature of habit.  Generally, I find something I like and I stick with it.  I’ve been using Dove soap for over 20 years.  It’s never failed me… that I’m aware of.  I really had no desire to change.  However, one day, change came.  Due to a series of incidents, I found myself buying […]

Unintentional Uber

Carol was on auto-pilot, I could tell.  The kids were scampering around, getting ready for school.  While lunches were being packed, Carol was sending out reminders, “Do you have your homework?  Those clothes don’t match.  Don’t forget that you have practice after school!”  She’s multitasking like a maniac.  I’m just waiting for the day when […]

Bell in the Tower

On a Thursday morning I found myself in a line of cars at Tim Horton’s in Bowling Green.  Tim Hortons is located directly next to the church where my Pastor’s team meeting was supposed to start at 9:00am.  Then again, in my mind, the line of cars I was behind was supposed to be moving […]

Mystery Gift

I’m convinced.  Cracker Jack snacks are the original McDonalds… and we love them for it.  Even as a child, I knew that they were up to something.  They took what could have been a wholesome snack, covered it in sugar, put a prize in the box and we responded with, “May I have another?”   […]

Just One

There my little girl stood… on the very edge. I was waiting in anticipation for a moment of triumph, iPad in hand, recording and ready to show the world the newfound courage of my little girl. The suspense built as she looked down into the deep expanse of the pool, infinitely deep in her young […]

Birthday Bark

Some signs are impossible to ignore. My birthday is in January. New Year’s resolutions happen in January. I set goals for my health this year that include eating more protein. Then, from an individual online, I found four boxes of a dozen protein bars on super-sale flavored “birthday cake”. The bat symbol is more ambiguous.  Sign received.   I […]

All In

I was in a band before.  I understand that accidents happen.  Straps break and guitars go flying.  Fuses blow and people fall off stage.  The unexpected often adds to the fun!  Even though no one really assumes these things will happen, if a person plays on stage long enough its reasonable to see how something […]

Dream Car

Dream Car 5 years, that’s it.  That’s all-the-longer I need my car to last… only 5 years.  Then I can trade it in for the car of my dreams.  It’s not that I don’t like my current car, or that I get teased incessantly for driving an easter egg colored box, or a 4 cylinder […]


This was the summer of the ants for the Montgomery family.  Their tactical invasion of our kitchen put my wife on the warpath.  Carol changed.  What was sweet and caring became brutally protective.  No approach was too cruel or too unusual.  She made no effort to conceal her murderous ant-tics.   Ant traps emerged.  Ant […]

Balloons To Bull

I’ve seen some drastic changes in industries over my lifetime.  Blockbuster “done-busted” and no longer can be found on any block.  Considering competitive forces, I get that.  The music industry will never be the same.  Considering the digital age, I get that.  The coal industry has been hit hard.  Considering recent governmental regulation, I get […]