There’s no shortage of people willing to share their opinions.  Facebook and Twitter, Newspapers and Blogs, Television and Radio are all outlets designed to help people share ideas with others.  Like soldiers in foxholes, we curl up just below ground-level waiting for the next mortar-like opinion to fall.  Then our pastoral team decided to offer a blog… Boom!

However, our team wanted to make this blog different.  Here’s how we did it: Instead of writing on a topic of our choosing, we took a challenge… to write as individuals about a subject of the Team’s choosing.  We titled the challenge “Things I would not have shared if you hadn’t asked.”  That should make things interesting!

The blog also consists of past Newsletter Articles, so we’ve labeled each appropriately.  Enjoy!

-Pastor Travis

Side Effects

Side Effects When I say, “pharmaceutical television drug advertisement” I bet that all of us conjure up the same kind of thoughts in our minds.  A gentle voice starts caressing our ears with words of encouragement as Images of green grass, blue skies, yoga classes, people dancing, smiling and laughing while holding onto each other’s […]

Insomniac’s Threshold

Insomniac’s Threshold  I ruminate.  It’s how my mind works.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that it’s unhealthy to chew on a problem over and over again during all hours of the night, while desperately praying for sleep.  However, as of yet, any other alternative has escaped me.  One stressful night, I laid in bed […]

Tastes Like Water

Tastes Like Water As I’ve mentioned before, I live in a “fixer-upper” of a home.  Now, and for the rest of my life on earth, something house-related will be on my to-do list… and for the rest of my life on earth I’ll question my discernment because I chose to live in a “fixer-upper.”   […]

I’m Going To Mars!!

I’m Going to Mars! There’s a reason why guidance counselors don’t give kindergarteners career advice. It’s really hard to guide a student that early in life when the only information counselors have to work with is, “I’m going to be an astronaut!” I’ve said that. As I’m sure you’re aware, few astronauts have been found […]

In Pursuit

In Pursuit  At this moment I’m sitting in an emergency room.  To be honest, I suspected that this was coming.  The impending doom seemed sure enough, but the activity… it was oh-so enticing!  Who doesn’t enjoy jumping on a trampoline?  My handful of future Olympians loved the idea.  All 4 daughters were in agreement.  A […]

Barefooted Experience

Barefooted Experience A couple members of my pastoral team enjoy barefoot running.  Throughout the winter they wear special shoes that are designed to replicate the barefoot experience.  When summer comes, they like to run through the woods barefooted.  One team member has even claimed that he wants to build up his endurance for a very […]

Like a Good Neighbor

Like a Good Neighbor Understanding insurance coverage is a lot like trying to understand in-laws.  They both don’t hesitate to tell you “how it is”, but in the end you’re still confused. Many churches under the care of UMC Team 1 (my team of pastors) have been reviewing their insurance coverages recently.  New riders need […]


Imagine it. 15,000 people standing on cold, wet blacktop for 3 hours, hoping for a chance to find a seat at a sold-out Christian Concert. Welcome to Winter Jam. The serpentine walkways, marked with yellow streamers, were packed full of the worst kind of kids- bored. It wasn’t long until someone conjured up an entertaining […]

Squirrels in the Closet

I love living in the country. My kids play in the yard and I don’t worry about them. When I get the urge to get away, I can walk through my backyard and around fields without interruption. If my neighbors fight and get into legal trouble, I’ll probably never be called as a witness! As […]

Ugly Shirt

Christmas is right around the corner! It’s a time of joy, love, peace and… awkward self-consciousness. There’s nothing quite like sitting with family, opening a gift from your great aunt “Marg,” who you haven’t seen in a decade, but happened to be visiting for the holidays. The suspense rises as the wrapping paper falls. All […]